Lately, many of us have been curious about the investment world, professionally, but also on a personal level. And there has been a boost in investments since the Wuhan Virus pandemic. But while people are learning about investing, portfolio theory, Scholes formula, Arbitrage, and all the complex investment and finance stuff, this knowledge is useless unless you have a few lacs in the bank. Most of what we learn about is not accessible for personal investing.

So I had to find other ways to put my capital to work. I started exploring investment options in 2019, options that I could access with limited capital. Now, I regularly have friends asking me for investment advice. And I always tell them the same thing: I am not an expert, I can only point to a few directions that worked for me, you can explore them by yourself. I won't advise anyone on what company to invest in, what stock to pick, or whether it's ok for you, in particular, to bet 2 grand in crypto.

Is it a CRIME to make money?

Our society looks down on people who have wealth. When someone asks about our salary, the question stems from a sense of JUDGEMENT. We value people based on how much money they make. It makes it difficult for both kinds of people: the ones who are well off as well as those who are barely making money, to be honest about their finances. As a result- Money Has Become A Taboo.

Nobody is honest about it.
Nobody knows what to do.

Repeat after me- it is okay to take home a good amount of wealth.
Repeat after me- it is okay to struggle with money.

This website is here to help all the ones, especially students in getting their finances right. No jargon, no advertisements, no strings attached!


Some basic requirements to start this journey are


We will be learning various stuff here regarding savings, investments, the mindset for making Wealth, credit/debit cards pros and cons, emergency funds, and a lot more. The goal is to make people talk about money and have a healthy discussion. We will be covering

  1. Why Invest Rather Than Save?
  2. The Right Way To Investing.
  3. Credit And Debit Cards.
  4. Investment Options
  5. How And Where To Invest


All investments are subject to market risks b*#&%c#@&.
Read all scheme related documents iski maa ka...

~ Srikant Tiwari

Why Invest?

Because...Inflation! We often listen to Boomers say to save the money in a bank or an FD since it is safe and gives decent returns. But today the banks and FDs are nothing but money-wasting machines. On average, a bank gives the interest of 5%-6% and for FDs, it is 6%-7% annually. Surprisingly, the inflation rate in India ranges from 4% to 6%. Don't you think banks are fooling us? If you want to be stable, go to the top right corner of this browser, close the tab, and head over to your nearest bank. But if you really want to grow 'wealth' then we are here for you.

Do you know India is already a superpower? Yes, you read that right. 52% population (around 16-17 crore) of the US invests in some or the other stocks, funds, cryptos. In India it's just just 4% (around 6 crore) of the population, and still our companies are part of Fortune 500. Just imagine, what will happen if 50% of the population starts investing...

Bonus : Metaverse

I personally believe the metaverse is the next big thing. And that's why it is so important to understand, research and invest ASAP. But what is metaverse? What is NFT? What is cryptocurrency?

NFTs are the things in metaverse.
Cryptocurrency is the money in metaverse.

To understand this concept, let me explain you the evolution of internet. First came Web 1.0, the early version, which allowed us to only search and read information on the internet. Next came Web 2.0 which made the internet more social and interactive with sites like Facebook and Twitter. While Web 2.0 has made our lives easier we have started drifting away from original version of web because big corporations and social media giants have monopolized the internet. Web 3.0 is what gives the control back to users and breaks the monopoly with blockchain technology. It allows you to do anything you currently do on the internet, but decentralised. While Web 3.0 is envisioned to be the internet for blockchain tech and AI, the full capabilities of Web 3.0 are still unknown.

For example in Web 1.0, we used to buy things by visiting the shops. In Web 2.0, we buy real products from virtual shops like Flipkart and Amazon. In Web 3.0 we will buy virtual products on virtual shops. Crazy!

The booming crypto and NFT has shown that people are ready to invest in digital assets. So I think it's only a matter of time that big companies will start launching their own versions of metaverse. And this could open doors for more profits to the company which in turn will make their stock value to go to the moon. And I am damn sure everyone wants to be a part of that wild ride. Think of metaverse as internet 3.0, more immersive and useful than ever before. The Wuhan Virus lockdown has accelerated the move to VR. As we know personally, we are doing a lot of work from home and having meetings, lectures and it just wasn't same as talking to people in person. The metaaverse aims to bridge this gap between technology and real life interaction.

Now let's breakdown some potential metaverse stocks and cryptos.

  1. Unity Software (U) : This software is used to make videogames. Has been used in many successful 3D games. Eventually will be used to make metaverse.
  2. Snapchat(SNAP) : Has largest database of face biometrics of it's users as well as AR, VR. Has launched AR glasses. The users of Snapchat already have their characters placed on world map.
  3. Matterport (MTTR) : This software scans the real world real estate and digitalizes it to view on PC. Already working on a sceret project with Meta (formerly Facebook).
  4. Disney (DIS) : Has already started selling NFTs. Disney owns the rights to almost all the characters and this has a lot of use cases in the entertainment industry of metaverse. Like a virtual disney land? Or Avengers attending your virtual Birthday Party? Dayum!
  5. Meta (FB) : Facebook literally changed it's name, what more hints do we want? Also Meta owns Oculus, a VR Headset company. Already a market leader in social space and sitting on a huge pile of cash!
  6. Epic Games : Not yet listed on stock exchanges while I am writing this article, but it is going to be public soon. Look for this stock since it has a huge history of launching successful games. Also has alloted 1$ billion for it's metaverse project.

Talking about cryptocurrencies, you can look for Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), Enjin Coin (ENJ), MyNeidhborAlice (ALICE). Right now these are too early, so can't say which crypto is gonna make it, but Decentraland and The Sandbox have already made their versions of metaverse where companies like Tesla, Atari, Adidas and many others have bought virtual lands.

P.S: This is not a financial advise, I am just here to educate about what's happening in the world of finance.